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About This Course

The Master YAML For Home Assistant course will take you through everything that you need to know about YAML so that you can write your own fully featured YAML configurations in Home Assistant.

At a glance YAML can seem a little intimidating and you might think that there is a lot of work to learn it, particularly if you don’t have any prior programming experience.

However YAML is designed to be human-readable and therefore can be quick and easy for anyone to learn with the right guidance.

If you have been using Home Assistant but have been shying away from YAML, this course can change that and turn you into a YAML pro!

Master YAML for Home Assistant Course

By the end of this course you can expect to:

Have a solid understanding of what YAML is and what it can be used for in Home Assistant.
Solidify your understanding of integrations and entities so that you can leverage the knowledge in your YAML files.
Learn the details of YAML syntax and how it is structured, so that you can effortlessly write YAML configurations.
Learn the best way to edit YAML and learn how to check for errors and correct them.
Understand what the configuration.yaml file is, what it is used for, where you can find it and how you can edit it.
Learn how to write your own scenes, automations and scripts directly in YAML.
Learn how to create your own file system and add your own .yaml files so that you can keep your growing configuration organized.

What you can expect from the course:

10 written lessons packed with detailed information that run sequentially. No longer do you need to trawl the internet in search of the next step.
Practical examples are given throughout, which you can follow along with.
Test and retest your knowledge an unlimited amount of times using the end of course quiz. Pass the quiz and become a master of YAML in Home Assistant!
All of course course content is regularly tested and kept up to date with the latest Home Assistant releases.
If you are not satisfied, we will give you 100% of your money back!

This course is most suited to:

Beginners looking to progress their Home Assistant knowledge.
Anyone who wants to level up their Home Assistant YAML skills.
Those who need YAML to configure their chosen devices.
Intermediate users who feel they have a few gaps in their YAML knowledge.
Anyone who wishes to simplify the Home Assistant learning curve.

Course Prerequisites:

In order to take this course you will need to have Home Assistant up and running (installed and onboarded), and ideally at least one light entity on your system so that you can follow along with the practical examples (you can also use virtual components).

If you have not yet installed Home Assistant, we would recommend first checking out the free Home Assistant Beginners course found here.

If you have installed Home Assistant but you don’t yet have an understanding of what an entity and integration is, we would recommend first taking our Master Home Assistant Level 1 course.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team: [email protected]

Even More Reasons to Study with Us!

Home Assistant is a very powerful smart home central control software program and like with many powerful tools, it comes with a fairly complex learning curve.

Smart Home Study's mission is to bring all of the information that you need to one place, drastically simplifying the learning curve so that you can more quickly and easily get to building the smart home that you dream of!

Here at Smart Home Study we understand that it can be both frustrating and time consuming to find the right information and we want to make a better resource for you.

We understand the frustrations that people encounter when trying to learn Home Assistant, we were once there ourselves!

There is a lot of good quality information about Home Assistant scattered around the internet, however it can be a challenge to find it and even then you must piece everything together from different sources.

Information is scattered across blog posts and YouTube channels, and is often out of date due to the speed in which Home Assistant has developed.

Our goal is to provide all of the information that you need and keep it up to date, so that you can quickly and easily master Home Assistant.

We are confident that you will have no problem progressing through our course, but if you need some assistance, our support team would be more than happy to help.

You can contact us any time using the contact form, or by emailing us at [email protected].

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Our courses provide much more than just an article to read. Our structured lessons and topics conclude with a comprehensive quiz to test your knowledge.

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Course Reviews

Don't just take it from us! Hear what our happy customers have to say about this course!

FINALLY a course which tells you EVERYTHING!

So I’ve had home assistant for around 3-6 months, probably longer! I’ve done everything I can with the limited amount of hardware I have that I can do using the UI. I always knew about yaml and that you could do so much more than you could do in the UI. Everyone says Home Assistant has a very steep learning curve and this includes yaml which almost felt actually quite intimidating. Using this course it has guided me through exactly what to do and when. It’s also mentions about the indentation which HA is very finicky about! I would recommend to keep doing this course until it’s stuck in your brain, I also followed along doing exactly what it said in my HA installation. I would recommend using the copy code button instead of typing the code in so you can get the indentation correct and just modify it from there. There are parts of the course which you can do once, like the file structure, and things you have to do each time, like the yaml coding for scenes, scripts and automations.

This is finally a course which tells you everything and guides you through in a step by step method of how to do it and integrate it into your system. I will most definitely go over this again and again till its stuck in my brain then hopefully I’ll be able to go even further and become a true HA pro!


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