Master Home Assistant: Level 1


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About This Course

The Master Home Assistant series aims to provide all of the information that you need for building your dream smart home using Home Assistant.

If you are looking to get started with Home Assistant, or you have taken the first steps but you want to make your journey quicker and easier, this course is the perfect option for you!

Newcomers to Home Assistant will be delighted at the wealth of information available in the level 1 course, which will take you through all of the fundamentals, right the way up to having beautiful scenes and smart automations running within your Home Assistant configuration.

By the end of this course you can expect to:

Have Home Assistant installed, onboarded and have access to the Home Assistant dashboards.
Have mastered a majority of the essential Home Assistant jargon, such as terms like integration, entity and state.
Know your way around the basics of the Home Assistant user interface, like it was your home neighbourhood!
Have solid reliable backups of your Home Assistant configuration, both locally and at a remote location.
Understand the main methods for connecting smart devices to Home Assistant.
Create and edit awesome lighting scenes with adjustments to brightness, temperature and color.
Create and edit smart automations, including automations that fire conditionally.
Build your first Home Assistance mood lighting project, including scenes, conditional automation and how to link an Android smart TV to your smart home.

What you can expect from the course:

15 written lessons packed with detailed information that run sequentially. No longer do you need to trawl the internet in search of the next step.
Practical examples are given throughout, which you can follow along with.
Test and retest your knowledge an unlimited amount of times using the end of course quiz. Pass the quiz and become a Home Assistant master!
All of course course content is regularly tested and kept up to date with the latest Home Assistant releases.
If you are not satisfied, we will give you 100% of your money back!

This course is most suited to:

All Home Assistant newcomers, or those with a little experience.
Those wishing to build a fantastic smart home!
Those who have never installed Home Assistant before.
Those who have already installed Home Assistant, and are looking for a quick and easy way to learn the fundamentals.
Anyone who wishes to easily demystify the Home Assistant jargon.
Anyone who wishes to simplify the Home Assistant learning curve.

Recommended Devices for the Course:

We recommend investing in the following devices in order to get this most out of this course. These devices are not required until Lesson 8: Home Assistant Integrations & Entities, so you can still begin today.

You can also use your own equivalent devices if you prefer, however you may need to consult the individual documentation for devices that are not covered in the course.

Even More Reasons to Study with Us!

Home Assistant is a very powerful smart home central control software program and like with many powerful tools, it comes with a fairly complex learning curve.

Smart Home Study’s mission is to bring all of the information that you need to one place, drastically simplifying the learning curve so that you can more quickly and easily get to building the smart home that you dream of!

Here at Smart Home Study we understand that it can be both frustrating and time consuming to find the right information and we want to make a better resource for you.

We understand the frustrations that people encounter when trying to learn Home Assistant, we were once there ourselves!

There is a lot of good quality information about Home Assistant scattered around the internet, however it can be a challenge to find it and even then you must piece everything together from different sources.

Information is scattered across blog posts and YouTube channels, and is often out of date due to the speed in which Home Assistant has developed.

Our goal is to provide all of the information that you need and keep it up to date, so that you can quickly and easily master Home Assistant.

We are confident that you will have no problem progressing through our course, but if you need some assistance, our support team would be more than happy to help.

You can contact us any time using the contact form, or by emailing us at [email protected].

All Of The Information That You Need In Once Place

Take the hassle out of learning Home Assistant with our range of online courses, curated by experts and presented in an easy to follow lesson structure.

Best In Class Focused Learning Environment

Smart Home Study is proudly built using LearnDash, one of the best online learning management systems available today. Our courses are beautifully structured and are presented to you using the LearnDash focused learning environment.

Make Learning Home Assistant Enjoyable and Rewarding

Our clean and easy to use focused learning environment features zero adverts and zero spam. Get the information that you need today, without the frustration.

A Rich Variety Of Learning Tools

Our courses provide much more than just an article to read. Our structured lessons and topics conclude with a comprehensive quiz to test your knowledge.

Begin Learning TODAY!

Learning Home Assistant doesn’t have to be difficult. Take our learning environment for a test-drive today and sign up for your free Smart Home Study account to begin a course today!

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Our priority is to provide you with the best possible user experience.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Course Reviews

Don’t just take it from us! Hear what our happy customers have to say about this course!

Such excellent information!

I WISH again this was available when I started Home Assistant! To have all this info in one place all explained is so helpful, I had to spend hours on YouTube and google researching and collating all this. Also things on Home Assistant change so quickly so you kinda still have to guess. To have this content, in this amount and of this good quality is absolutely golden! This would have saved me so much time, effort, frustration, wiping and restoring Home Assistant. EVERYTHING is here what you need to get started.


Response from SmartHome.Study

Thanks so much for the positive review! We are very glad that you found the course useful and wish you success with building your dream Home Assistant smart home!

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